CSS Adaptive Layout

Web development continues to evolve, and today’s websites must be adaptive to provide an optimal user experience on a variety of devices and screens. CSS adaptive layout is a key tool for creating adaptive and responsive websites. In this article, we’ll cover the basics of CSS adaptive layout, different techniques and approaches, and examples of …

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Cron: Automating Server Tasks

Content: Introduction to Cron Installing and Configuring Cron Cron syntax Examples of Cron usage Advanced Cron features Managing Cron Tasks Frequently encountered problems and their solutions Conclusion Introduction to Cron Cron is a standard tool in UNIX and UNIX-like operating systems, which is used to automate execution of tasks on a server at a set …

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Create native BEP-20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) using Remix IDE.

Disclaimer. All information on this page is provided for informational purposes only. Buying, selling and exchanging cryptocurrencies are subject to economic risks and are not recommended within the scope of this article. The code is not intended for use in projects and is provided only to understand how tokens work. Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is …

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Translucent backgrounds

Полупрозрачный фон. Применение для дизайна в html документах

Looking to make the web pages you create eye-catching, memorable, and up-to-date? Using translucency can help you do just that. How to Apply Opacity Throughout the evolution of browsers and html in general, designers and programmers have implemented these basic ways to provide transparency: opacity; PNG images; RGBA; checkered images. Each of the methods has …

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XPAth html queries

XPAth html запросы для парсинга сайтов

XPath is a powerful language often used in website parsing. It allows you to access nodes or calculate values from XML and HTML. Similar functions use CSS selectors, but XPath allows you to do much more. With XPath you can parse data based on text elements and not just in the page structure. So when …

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PHP MySQL table entry

MySQL запись в таблицу через php

PHP supports MySQL databases. Built-in functions specifically designed to work with MySQL, allowing you to effectively write and read data, make the necessary queries, fix bugs. A database connection script that makes a query and outputs the result will consist of a few lines. To start the database (MySQL) does not require additional installation and …

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Text frame html

Рамка для текста в HTML

The information that users are looking for should arouse interest. But apart from that, the visual component is also important, in what form the content is presented. When designing a site makers are interested in what ways you can change the size, color and style of the font, how to adjust the headings. Yes, this …

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Paragraph indent HTML

Абзацный отступ в HTML

To make the text easier to understand and read, it is divided into parts. For example, a book consists of chapters, a newspaper – of headings, an article – of subheadings, which have their own structure: indents, paragraphs, lists, etc. The text posted on the Internet is also subject to this rule. It should have …

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HTML canvas tag

Тег html canvas для отображения графических элементов посредством JavaScript

Canvas is an HTML5 element used to draw two dimensional images. It represents an area in which you can build graphs, animations, drawings or games using js methods. At first glance, it is analogous to img, but unlike this element, it does not have alt and src attributes. Some browsers have problems with CSS support, …

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