Step 1 – Choosing a web hosting and domain for the site

Choosing a web hosting and registering a domain name

To create and develop your own site you will need to make a choice of hosting:

  • Domain or Internet address (for example,
  • Hosting or service through which to host the site.
Hosting server

The WordPress system itself is free, but the domain and hosting will require some investment. On average, the cost is about 3-5 euros. But if you want to reduce them.

So, if you are planning to create a non-commercial project – to keep your blog, diary, share photos, you can significantly minimize your expenses – to create a site on the platform of WordPress. In this case, your email address will look like this –

web hosting

If you are planning to create a project for commercial purposes – a business site, corporate blog, etc., in this case, without the paid hosting can not do. This will get an address like
It is worth noting that if you have your own domain, in the eyes of users, your site will look more attractive from a professional point of view. For example, the or address is preferable to a resource like
In addition, owning your own hosting, you will be able to increase the clickability and attendance of the created site.

How to get a domain and hosting

Most often is used for domain registration and as web hosting. It has excellent customer service and support. The registration process is simple and does not require any additional knowledge.
After registering a domain name you get a personal account. As noted above, it is better to give preference to an email address like [email protected] than the universal Gmail or Yahoo. After all, users trust sites with top-level domains more.
If you already have hosting and a registered domain, you can go straight to step 3.

What is the best domain

Picking up a domain name, you should adhere to certain principles. For example, if you create a commercial site for your company, the domain must match its name –
If you design a site for yourself, then choose a shorter name. For example, would be a good option.
More often than not, domains end in com, info, org, net, ua, etc. However, today you can find domains of this type: club, guru, ninja, expert and others.

My advice: come up with the shortest possible domain – com, org, net. Such addresses are widely used and easy to remember. Make sure that the domain reflects what you intend to do.

Domain names

More tips for choosing a domain

– Try to pick up a domain that at least partially coincides with the name of the site. For example, for a personal site poet more winning domain is than

– Choose as short a domain as possible. It will be easier for users to remember it. Also, smart phone owners can’t always type a long address into their browsers.

– The domain name should “catch” and twirl on the tongue. It should also be as accurate and fully describe what you’ll be doing. Of course, come up with a suitable in all senses and unique name is not so easy, because now in the world there are about 150 million registered domains. But believe me, in this case, the game is worth it.

To sum up. Before we proceed to the next step you need:
– Think of a unique and “catchy” domain for your site.
– Register your domain through

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