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HTML non-breaking space

Неразрывный пробел &nbsp HTML как создать

One of the standard objects used in HTML is the non-breaking space. Many of you have encountered such a special symbol as the HTML non-breaking space – &nbsp when editing HTML documents. But most do not think how to use it and for what purpose it serves. Today we will learn what it is, when …

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How to connect CSS to HTML

Способы подключения CSS к HTML

Getting Started with CSS In this article, you’ll learn how to easily add style and formatting information to web pages using CSS – Cascading Style Sheets. Embedding CSS in HTML Documents CSS can be attached as a separate document or embedded in the HTML document itself. There are three methods of incorporating CSS into an …

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The table tag in HTML

Применение тега table в HTML

The table tag – create an HTML table quickly and easily The table element is used together with the child elements tr, td, th to add tabular data to an HTML document. Tables for data, not layout It used to be common to use HTML tables to control the layout of a web page. Using …

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The br tag in HTML

Применение тега br в HTML

What does the br element do in HTML? The br element is used to insert a line break or return to a parent element, such as a paragraph, without leaving the parent container. Do not abuse the line break The b element creates a line break. It’s easy to overuse this tag to create a …

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The i tag in HTML

Применение тега i в HTML

What does the i tag do in HTML? The i element is used to mark words in the surrounding text, highlighting text in italics. The i tag is essentially a typographic element and is embedded (not blocky). This means that it should be used to mark up multiple words or phrases. i or em? The …

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The p tag in HTML

Применение тега p в HTML

What does the p element do in HTML? If you are new to HTML, p will probably be the first tag you encounter. The p element is used to divide text into blocks. It defines a paragraph of text.The end of a paragraph is marked with the closing tag /p, which is optional, the closing …

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The img tag in HTML

Применение тега img в HTML

The meaning of the img tag in HTML The img tag is used to display an image file in an HTML document. The img element is the simplest way to display a static image on a page. It is usually used when the image is part of the content (as opposed to using it as …

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Основные теги для работы в HTML5, их параметры, правила

HTML tags are usually both opening and closing tags. These two tags form an element, and between them is some text. It turns out that the element of HTML is the whole code, from the opening tag to close. Important! Hypertext elements with no content are called empty. Such elements in addition to everything else …

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Semantic elements in HTML5

Семантические элементы HTML-страницы

Semantic elements of HTML-page and their varieties n addition to the logical structure of site pages, the HTML version 5 specifications include semantic markup. Semantics is a branch of philology dealing with the meaning of phrases and individual words. Accordingly, semantic elements are elements that have meaning. Semantic element firmly denotes its function to the …

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