HTML non-breaking space

Неразрывный пробел &nbsp HTML как создать

One of the standard objects used in HTML is the non-breaking space. Many of you have encountered such a special symbol as the HTML non-breaking space – &nbsp when editing HTML documents. But most do not think how to use it and for what purpose it serves. Today we will learn what it is, when …

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How to connect CSS to HTML

Способы подключения CSS к HTML

Getting Started with CSS In this article, you’ll learn how to easily add style and formatting information to web pages using CSS – Cascading Style Sheets. Embedding CSS in HTML Documents CSS can be attached as a separate document or embedded in the HTML document itself. There are three methods of incorporating CSS into an …

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Yoast Seo plugin for optimization in WordPress. Correct configuration

Настройка плагина Yoast SEO для WordPress

Content: Optimizing SEO in a WordPress environment with the plugin Setting up the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress Meta tags Description and Title – customization Making breadcrumbs with Yoast SEO Setting up a robots.txt file in Yoast Creating XML Sitemap in Yoast plugin The benefits of using Yoast SEO plugin for your WordPress website When …

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XML Sitemap WordPress

Применениение карты сайта для WordPress

How to create an SEO-optimized XML Sitemap for WordPress When it comes to SEO and marketing, quick and easy solutions are needed. So often the concept of XML Sitemap comes up in promotion methods. But there’s not enough information about how sitemap interacts with WordPress. Despite the fact that XML sitemap refers to the “technical” …

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Favicon for your WordPress site

Настройка favicon для сайта на WordPress

Favicon (favorite icon) – an icon located in the browser tab, which personalizes the site. Its size is 16×16 pixels and can be scaled up to 512×512 pixels. When many tabs are open in the browser, page names are not displayed. A favicon comes to the rescue, which identifies each tab, helping with navigation and …

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Plugins for WordPress

Применение плагинов в среде WordPress

Content: Yoast SEO W3 Total Cache Akismet Anti-Spam WooCommerce Contact Form 7 Google XML Sitemaps Jetpack Autoptimize Imagify Image Optimizer Simple Share Buttons Adder When creating a website , the first priority is to set it up. To work properly and quickly, it is necessary to use plugins that minimize the commission of errors and …

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The table tag in HTML

Применение тега table в HTML

The table tag – create an HTML table quickly and easily The table element is used together with the child elements tr, td, th to add tabular data to an HTML document. Tables for data, not layout It used to be common to use HTML tables to control the layout of a web page. Using …

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The br tag in HTML

Применение тега br в HTML

What does the br element do in HTML? The br element is used to insert a line break or return to a parent element, such as a paragraph, without leaving the parent container. Do not abuse the line break The b element creates a line break. It’s easy to overuse this tag to create a …

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