The STRONG and B tags in HTML

Boldface text in HTML

This article is about logical markup of text in which the meaning and function of the elements are emphasized in favor of visual formatting.

The tags considered are elements which are designed to highlight words, word combinations and small phrases in terms of their importance or usual emphasis.

An example of using the STRONG tag

<pre class="wp-block-syntaxhighlighter-code"><strong>Жирный текст</strong></pre>

The tag strong defines the importance of the selected text.

Example of tag strong

An example of using tag B

<pre class="wp-block-syntaxhighlighter-code"><b>Жирный текст</b></pre>

Tag b is used for normal text selection without importance property.

Example of tag b

On the page you are viewing, these tags are bold/semi-bold text and look the same.strong or b

The difference between tags B and STRONG

An example of the difference can be found in the special OS settings used by the visually impaired and the blind. When you enable the “talker” functionality to read texts, words will be highlighted with intonation by the tag strong. The same situation is with the i and em. tags. The “talker” will intonate the tag em.

1 thought on “The STRONG and B tags in HTML”

  1. STRONG — тег семантического форматирования. Он передает высокую важность выделенного текста. Визуально выглядит жирнее, чем основной текст. B — тег визуального форматирования. Просто выделяет текст жирным и не придает ему особой важности.

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