Creating a site in WordPress for free

In order to create a high-quality and competitive online resource, you must first take care about a functional platform for your site and only then think through the color scheme and domain names.

What is a platform

Today, many sites are built using HTML code, CSS or old Flash. To understand the intricacies of their web development novice will have to spend a lot of time and effort. Therefore, most users believe that the creation of the site – a time-consuming process, to master which without the skills of programming and design is impossible.

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This was the case until in 2003, when the content management system – WordPress (WP) was created, which allows you to quickly and easily create websites that are still available to everyone today, in 2018. In other words, WP is a convenient and functional platform for designing and building websites, managing online content without using a large number of HTML pages.

It is worth noting that today WP is the most popular system for creating sites using CMS.

Why WordPress is better

WordPress allows you to create websites quickly and easily. In addition:

You can use this product for free and for any purpose, including commercial

WordPress free affirmation

Downloading and installing WP will not require additional financial investment. The system provides unlimited possibilities for content management. A large number of themes and templates allow you to develop unique sites of different orientations.

The system is understandable and available for beginners

You do not need to have special skills and knowledge to work with WordPress. The principles of working with the resource are understandable on an intuitive level. It’s enough to know how to use Microsoft Word to fill your site with content. With the help of a line of plugins, which are available free of charge, it is possible to supplement the site with various subscription forms, images and other attributes.

WordPress editing panel

Site parameters don’t matter

With WordPress, you can create and develop sites of any theme and size – from a personal blog and online store to a branch information resource.

The resource allows you to adapt the website for any device and mobile applications

This content management system allows to adjust the appearance and functionality of the website so that it will be accessible and attractive to PC users, and for those who prefer to “go” to the Internet from mobile devices, smartphones and tablets.

Support of the resource is carried out at the highest level

If necessary, you can always get expert advice on the part of the arisen difficulties. WordPress has a large number of free resources on YouTube and various support forums, where you can take advantage of tips from web developers, bloggers and plugin creators, and improve the functionality of the created site.

Other CMS-platforms

Of course, there are other home platforms for creating websites. Others include Joomla and Drupal.

Drupal, Joomla and all CMS

Thus, Drupal is a powerful platform, which is popular among ved-masters. However, this system is difficult for the perception and understanding of inexperienced users.

Joomla by its characteristics is similar to WP and is well suited for the development of sites for online stores. But in order to take full advantage of the possibilities of this system should understand the technical coding.

In case WordPress for some reason you do not like, you can always use the platform Drupal (Drupal), Joomla and HTML5. All of these resources are also free and available to the webmaster.

WordPress – the best option for beginners

Today, the easiest platform to use is WordPress. It is sufficiently functional, mobile and flexible to meet the needs of users of all levels.

2 thoughts on “Creating a site in WordPress for free”

  1. На самом деле это далеко не так. С помощью базовых знаний HTML, CSS или Flash реально создать легкий, адаптивный и эффективный интернет-ресурс.

  2. CMS WordPress основана на платформе WordPress (простите за каламбур). Не верите? Посмотрите официальный сайт: Там есть видео-лекция по этому движку. Казалось бы, в чем проблема установить эту CMS на WordPress. Но никто до этого не додумался. Почему? Начнем с того, что движок WordPress был создан в 2001 году, в то время движок mysql, на котором работают большинство сайтов, еще не существовал в полном объеме. Когда у вас на компьютерах появляются интернет-серверы, вам нужно написать свой собственный скрипт на таком скрипте, который был бы адаптирован под эти сервера. Вордпресс придумал неплохую идею, которую сейчас просто проигнорировали.

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